Brexit supporter Prue Leith isn’t happy about the consequences of Brexit – the only 5 takedowns you need

Monday – today, at the time of writing – sees MPs voting on amendments to the Agriculture Bill.

The changes aim to protect animal welfare standards and prevent the UK market being flooded with meat produced under poor conditions, including the much-mentioned chlorine-washed chicken.

Social media sites, and the mainstream media, have been packed with high-profile individuals explaining the importance of backing the amendments – including Jamie Oliver, Deborah Meaden and this, from Bake Off’s Prue Leith.

There was, however, a bit of an issue.

While plenty of people agreed that the amendments are crucial, they couldn’t avoid seeing the irony of a Brexiter campaigning to alleviate the effects of *checks notes* Brexit.

These five responses summed it up rather well.






In case any of that wasn’t clear …


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