9 people who definitely regret getting advice from the internet

The internet has brought us many wonderful things over the years, however, that doesn’t mean you can always trust it. Far from it.

Here are 9 people who probably wish they were a little more cautious when it comes to believing what you read online:


1. This person who thought they could create a shiny silver ball by putting foil in the microwave for three minutes:


2. This person who just wanted to rid their car of frost:


3. This person who got tricked in a very painful way:


4. This person who tried an innovative way of cleaning her beauty blenders:


5. When a rumour went around that you could hatch your eggs in a microwave on Pokémon GO:

Source: Imgur


6. And this person who was also tricked into misusing their microwave:


7. This person who wanted a one-stop solution for making cheese on toast: 


8. This person who thought they could add some flavour to their ironing:


9. And finally, when a whole bunch of people believed that an update allowed you to charge your iPhone in the microwave: 


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