This bear found out the hard way why you don’t mess with skunks

Spare a thought for this bear and the instant regret it suffered after it bothered this skunk once too often.

little skunk vs big bear

Oof. The clip proved popular on the subReddit ‘instant regret’ for reasons which will now be obvious.

‘Can someone tell me how bad that smells?’ ajayyyyyy

It’s like a mixture of sulfur and weed that doesn’t go away.’ EggsOnThe45

Rotten eggs, rotten milk, a powerful vinegar, cat pee, hot garbage and horrid BO mixed into one. It’s even worse up close. Eyes burn, gagging, skin crawling, oh it’s awful. Dog got skunked and jumped into my bed trying to hide from it.’ Hosenhoffen

‘I had a dog that was not too smart. She would chase the skunks on my property, probably got blasted at least a dozen times. Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, and Dish Soap neutralizes the smell on contact.’ caligrown_85


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