People love this Tesco ad in support of pubs that have reopened in England

Not often we write about a supermarket ad on these pages but then we do live in unusual times.

Pubs in England have now re-opened (at least, their gardens and outdoor areas have) and Tesco did its bit for the struggling hospitality business by doing this.

The full page advert was shared by 6 Music presenter Shaun Keaveny, among others, and went viral on Twitter.

Here it is again in full.

And the DJ wasn’t the only person who appreciated it.

We also liked this (and we’d probably like it more if we fully understood it).

People whose locals had been turned into a Tesco Metro were less impressed, but that’s a whole different story. There was also this.

And finally, here’s their message in full.


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Source Twitter @Tesco H/T @shaunwkeaveny