John Bercow owning Robert Jenrick into next week is one for the Burn Awards

Former Speaker of the House of Commons and scourge of misbehaving MPs, John Bercow, appeared on BBC’s Question Time – and he was in no mood for pulling punches.

Here’s how he described the government’s completely-unrelated-to-impending-elections decision to send armed naval ships to patrol Jersey, amid rows with the French over fishing licences.

But he really hit his stride when he tore a strip off the Secretary of State for Housing, Robert Jenrick, who had tried to paint Bercow’s parliamentary interjections as meddling.

You might want to wear your fire-proof spectacles to watch this burn.

We hope he left instructions for where he’d like his ashes to be scattered.

To add insult to injury – or possibly just injury to injury – comedian Deborah Frances-White had some harsh words on the covid death toll.

It may have been a great night for the Tories in Hartlepool, but it was a terrible one in the Question Time studio.


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