This Republican Senator’s live phone-in took a hilarious but totally NSFW turn

Republican Senator, Rand Paul, is a devotee of Trump, refusing to condemn the former president’s behaviour during or since holding office.

He is, however, prepared to accuse the National Institutes of Health of colluding with the Wuhan lab to release Covid-19 as an experiment.

Dr. Fauci, one of its senior officials, took understandable exception.

Paul, a long-standing anti-vaxxer, who believes that the MMR jab causes autism, recently carried out a virtual townhall meeting, inviting members of the public to ask him questions.

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One person rang in with a statement – an instruction – rather than a question, and it was absolutely not safe for work.


You can’t stop me from pretending this is real ##randpaul ##politics ##conservative ##liberal ##republican ##democrat ##leftist ##progressive

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It soon made its way to Twitter, courtesy of Republican-turned-Democrat, Ron Filipkowski.

The clip went wildly viral, gathering reactions like these.

A lot of people expressed their love for Alexis Toon, the frank caller.

They could be in luck. Over on TikTok, she made herself known, with this addition to her instruction to Rand Paul. And guess what – it’s NSFW.


When they call you to ask you to be part of a live Town Hall and listen to Rand spew misinformation. This was taken down for bullying ##randpaul

♬ original sound – Lexi Toon

That seems clear.


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