This outrageous winning pool shot is made even better by the poor loser’s response

This outrageously lucky pool shot (or next level skill, depending on your point of view) was made even better by the poor loser’s response.

The clip went viral after it was shared by jazbatiladka and, well, have a watch for yourself.


But was it outrageously good luck? Or just very, very good?

‘Even if you are a sore loser you gotta respect that shot. Grandpa just schooled this punk lol.’

‘This was very clearly an accident lol. He was absolutely not trying to get it to bounce off the cushion three times. He missed the shot and got lucky on the rebound. It only counted because it wound up in the same pocket he was aiming for.’

‘I used to play with old timer sharks that pulled that kind of shit all the time on me, it’s all about knowing your angles and having years of experience and practice.’

Well, maybe. Either way, he definitely didn’t shake hands.

‘A lot of people play where you call your shots and i’m just guessing the guy’s upset that the old dude got a fluke shot (unless that is what he called and wanted to do). But still should have given the man a hand shake.’

‘He’ll be winning that game in his head whenever he showers for the rest of his life.’

To conclude …



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Source Reddit u/jazbatiladka