What happens to these two women in Moscow giving the subtlest of opinions is a chilling, terrifying watch

This is a terrifying vision of what happens to Russian people who dare give even the subtlest of indications what they think of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The video features two women giving their opinions, the first of whom holds up a sign saying ‘two words’, a way of referring to anti-war signs saying ‘no war’ but without actually saying it.

And it’s utterly chilling.

The second woman barely gets a chance to begin, although it looks like she might be about to express support for Putin.

And here are just a few of the many things people were saying about it.

The clip also went viral after it was shared by Redditor Accomplished-Owl-963 and here are just three of the many, many things people said in response.

‘Some people need to take notes, this is what infringing on freedom of speech, would actually look like. The lighter end of it too. From arrests to being shot before you could speak.

‘Not having your dumbass racist comment deleted off Facebook.’

‘I’m surprised they didn’t take the camera man and crew as well.’

‘Maybe they want others to know the consequences, discourage everyone from voicing any opinion at all.’


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Source Twitter @nikorepi@EvaHartog Reddit u/Accomplished-Owl-963