Marjorie Taylor Greene’s response to a Brit’s question about school shootings isn’t the slam-dunk she thought it was

To the world of Marjorie Taylor Greene, where the Republican congresswoman who loves conspiracy theories almost as much as she loves guns was asked by a British journalist about the horrific school shootings that continue to blight America.

And the Georgia representative was obviously pleased with her response because she shared it herself on Twitter. But we’re not sure it was the slam-dunk she thought it was.

Apart from the ‘go back to your own country’ bit – never the most convincing response – the rest of it wasn’t much (any) better.

While sadly there have been instances of mass stabbings in the UK, they remain thankfully rare.

Out of 594 murders in England and Wales in 2020/21, the most common method of killing (235) was with a knife or sharp instrument.

As for firearms, they accounted for 35 homicides in the UK compared to 19,384 (out of a total murder count of 24,576) in the US in 2020.

But yes, ‘mass stabbings’.

Lots of people nonetheless lapped up the Congresswoman’s answer.


Others, less so.



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Source Twitter @RepMTG