A colleague took offence at being greeted with ‘Hey’ and got entirely the responses they deserved

Just as emails were supposed to save you time but ended up consuming your entire day, so WhatsApp – once a convenient alternative of sorts to email – has become a monster all of its own.

We only mention this after this WhatsApp exchange went viral on Reddit. It’s a chat between two work colleagues, one of whom takes great offence at being greeted with ‘Hey’.

‘How do you react to this? and how the hell is Hey isn’t professional?’ asked Redditor Familiar_Mango_7509

And we’re glad to say the responses they got were 10/10.

‘I would 100% start every conversation with anything but what he asked for.

“YO!” “Sup, dawg” “New phone, who dis?” “Ladies and germs, it’s Sandeep!” “Omg, how’d you get this number?”

‘I’d be calling him “chap” in literally every communication.’

‘Hey is unprofessional but emojis are? What?’

‘Is he a boss or a collegue?

“Hey Sandeep. I’m going to block you now since you contact me for work on my personal number. I also find it highly offensive for you to talk to me in the imperative in this matter. Try asking, instead of telling me.”

‘Who the fuck does this asshole think he is?’

‘You will understand sooner or later.’

‘Hey Sandeep, if you want professionalism, please don’t ever contact me on my personal WhatsApp number again.

‘And to his last message, “Hey” isn’t unprofessional anymore. It is used for business just like WhatsApp.’

‘Hey Sandeep, respectfully fuck off.’

‘Condescendingly explain to them that they are using outdated standards for communication.

“It’s okay. Keeping up with the times is hard for some people. :). But hey, we can’t all understand context.”


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Source Reddit u/Familiar_Mango_7509