Angela Rayner had the best response to Dominic Raab’s PMQs wink and ‘opera’ jibe

It was time for the deputies to take charge (of sorts) at PMQs today as Boris Johnson’s number two Dominic Raab pretended to answer questions from Angela Rayner.

And while it wasn’t the most enlightening 30 minutes or so you’ll spend, it did confirm long held suspicions that Raab is indeed a total winker.

Raab then went on to make a joke about Rayner deigning to go to an opera and drink champagne.

It prompted plenty of totally on-point responses such as these.


But the best response surely went to Rayner herself, who picked up on this by fellow Labour MP Toby Perkins …

… and doubled down on it in some style.

And also this.



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Source Twitter @AngelaRayner @BestForBritain