The Mail’s Dan Wootton trolled this climate researcher and their comeback was A++

To the Daily Mail – stick with us – and Dan Wootton – no, seriously, stick with us – where the paper’s columnist was busy taking aim at the ‘health establishment determined to terrify and baby us’ over the extreme weather.

Specifically, he took aim at heatwave PhD researcher Chloe Brimicombe after she appeared on Sky News to say this.

And this is what Wootton had to say in his Mail column that followed.

‘Like the grim-faced Sly News reporter who allowed Chloe Brimicombe – a heatwave PhD researcher just out of nappies – to insist working hours must be cut and air conditioning legislated against if we’re to survive the summer, without the slightest hint of a challenge.’

We mention it because it was spotted by Chloe who responded on Twitter and it was A++.


And here are just a few of the things people were saying after her response went viral on Twitter.

Last word to @ChloBrim.


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Source Twitter @ChloBrim