The Times’ heart-rending energy crisis cartoon is the perfect tribute to Raymond Briggs

Raymond Briggs, the legendary artist and author died on Tuesday at the age of 88.

Usually described as a children’s author, his illustrated books often dealt with adult themes, such as dissatisfaction with life, the difficulties of the generational divide, mental health and, in his post-apocalyptic masterpiece When the Wind Blows, the human cost of nuclear warfare.

It was this work that formed the basis for the Times’ incredibly apt tribute.

Morten Morland’s cartoon, featuring When the Wind Blows characters Jim and Hilda Bloggs, expresses the utter bleakness of the fuel crisis in a way that he would surely have appreciated.

Morten shared his cartoon on Twitter.

People were very moved.

In conclusion –

Raymond Briggs, 1934 – 2022. R.I.P.


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