We regret to inform you that MAGA romantic fiction is a thing

Reddit’s r/PoliticalHumor forum is a goldmine of satire and general mockery, but it also contains a subset of things that aren’t meant to be funny – but definitely are.

A Redditor named u/pettybonegunter shared a screenshot of something from that category, giving it the heading ‘Satire is dead’.

In case that’s tricky to read – and because we’d hate you to miss a single word of this literary gold – here it is again.

‘When patriot Mike rescues feminist Ricki from a post-Trump rally riot, the clash of opposites sets off sparks between them. But the gentleman giant refuses to leave the side of the spunky half-pint until he and his pickup truck deliver her home, safe and sound.

Ricki attends the rally to scoop the racism of the Trump crowd in a blog post. But she’s forced to spin a false narrative when her mistaken assumptions fail to materialize.

When Ricki’s lies get Mike doxxed, and his construction worksite becomes the target of anti-fascist thugs, his righteous anger forces her to reckon with the truth.

Ricki wants to fix the damage and regain Mike’s trust. But that means facing the wrath of the liberal mobs. Will Ricki find the courage to leave the left for a lifetime of old-fashioned true love?’

With the suspicion that it might be an elaborate prank, we checked it out on Amazon.

The dedication was exactly what you’d expect.

And we grabbed a little teaser from the ‘See inside’ pages.

That’s more than enough of that. It currently has a two-star rating based on reviews, and these examples show why.

Oh wow, this was bad

I refuse to call this a story. Story implies plot and this was excruciatingly devoid of any such thing. It’s unusual to find a romance pamphlet where the FMC is simultaneously shallow, duplicitous, wonderful and precious.

Bought as a gag gift

This was bought as a joke after seeing it online and… wow.
It is by far, the worst thing I have ever read in my life.
Based on extreme stereotypes by a woman who clearly has sex dreams about Trump, it is best read as satire.

Absolute pitiful trash

So bad I wanted to claw my eyes out. This person can’t write, thought it was satire at first but nope.

Where is the ‘zero star’ option?

Sometimes, it’s good to curl up with a good book but reading this just made me want to curl up and die!

Worst book I’ve ever read

This book is so obviously written by a white conservative man. The writing style (that sucks by the way) is so cluelessly masculine that it would be no surprise that this “Liberty Adams” is actually a 50 year old man named Steve whom has never read a romance book in his life. (I feel sorry for your wife, Steve.)

Redditors weren’t very impressed, either.

Oh God I think I’m going to be sick.

Conservatives trying to make good art has become so laughable that it’s become its own comedy art in the process.

I mean, this isn’t a huge leap from their real-life patriot LARPing and persecution role playing, is it?

I bet she gives up her career at the end and is content to wash dishes and shit out endless kids, while he gets to go out “for a few beers” every single night after work.

“Family” values.

Well I have to assume it’s a graphic novel and all the words are small and spelled phonetically.

Finally, a romance novel for Pumpkin SpISIS.


In case you wanted to know more about the author, ‘Liberty Adams’, this is what Amazon tells us.

“Liberty Adams lives in the wide, open spaces west of the Rockies.

She writes wholesome, heartwarming romance about patriots who love America, love President Trump, and best of all, fall in love at the end of each story.

Liberty is the pen name of an author who wears the hats of mom, wife, and community volunteer. She proudly owns and wears several assorted MAGA hats of her own.”

We’d like to think Liberty Adams might be a hungry Democrat-voting writer who has noticed that the MAGA legions will buy any old tat if it mentions Trump, but it’s probably Ted Cruz.

We won’t waste any time looking for them on the Booker Prize shortlist.

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The sale of this signed MAGA hat is the very definition of irony

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