This sweary ‘James Bond chord’ tutorial might be the best guitar lesson ever

Whether you’re interested in learning to play the guitar or not, this tutorial from TikToker Jord – @jrw21 – is unmissable. It’s also quite sweary.

@jrw21 The james bond chord #fyp #jamesbond #007 #guitar #guitarlesson #music #funny ♬ original sound – Jord’s stuff

“Oh, Mr Goldfinger, yeah. Come in. We’ve got space for you to have a haircut. Come on, sit down here.

Fuckin’ jokin’, dickhead. I’m not really a barber. I’m fuckin’ James Bond.

Short back and blow your fuckin’ head off. Tw*t!”

It’s almost like listening to Daniel Craig. The clip is rapidly going viral, at well over a million views on TikTok and rising, with people leaving comments like these –

Never knew James Bond was from Sheffield.
Sam Chappers

Nailed the script too. Thought you were Roger Moore.
Vickey Davis

Think we’ve found the next 007.

The hilarious video has had even more views in less time since it was shared on Twitter.

Tweeters loved it at least as much as the TikTok users had.

In case you were feeling a little short-changed by the tutorial, there was an update.

@jrw21 Replying to @sinatra For all the wingey musicians #jamesbond #guitar #007 #guitarlesson #fyp ♬ original sound – Jord’s stuff

Don’t forget to do the James Bond diss first.

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