Jamie Foxx does the best Trump impression – and that’s not fake news

We all know that Jamie Foxx is a walking collection of talents, as an award-winning actor, a classically trained pianist, a singer and comedian, but not everyone realises what an amazing impressionist he is.

A clip of him recording an episode of the Rap Radar podcast has popped up on Reddit’s r/ContagiousLaughter forum, where people have gone wild for his Donald Trump impression.

It’s scarily good – or should that be impressive.

Look at what Reddit users said about it.

Holy shit that is spot on!

It’s disgusting how talented Jamie Foxx is.

That is a SHOCKINGLY good impression. Audio only? I would actually think that’s him.

I was looking so hard to see if it was somehow overdubbed. That is one of the most incredible impersonations I have ever seen/heard.

Foxx is probably one of the most talented individuals of our timeline.

A Redditor named u/affectionateCoffee27 was familiar with this particular aspect of Jamie Foxx.

Foxx is actually ridiculously good at mimicking other people’s voices he’s done a load!

They’re not wrong.


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