Taika Waititi reading this hilarious response to a speeding ticket is just the escape we needed today

You’ll probably already be familiar with Shaun Usher’s Letters of Note, which is a book, a Twitter account and much else besides, including occasional live events in which some brilliant people read some fabulous letters.

And this is one of the best we’ve seen yet.

It’s the great Taika Waititi reading a letter sent by someone in response to a speeding ticket, and that’s really the only set-up it needs.

The clip has been gone predictably viral on YouTube and here are just a few of the comments it prompted.

‘The police infringement bureau sent the following response to Mr Lee on March 30: “After careful consideration of your comments and the circumstances surrounding the issue of the notice, it has been decided on this occasion to waive the offence. Accordingly, you are no longer required to pay the infringement fee.” (NZ Herald)’
Cam Bennett

‘Having been a NZ Police mobile traffic cam operator, I can say at the PIB office Xmas party, that this would have been read out & everyone would have laughed & laughed & laughed. Raised a glass to this character.’

‘The writer of this letter deserves every laugh and round of applause that they received.’

‘Taika Waititi makes himself the perfect person to read this hilarious letter. His body language supports the cheeky tone.’

‘So many brilliant 70s and 80s references, I hope the officer reading it for the first was the right age to appreciate all the layers. 😂’
Travers Wood

‘That was fantastic! Both the letter and the delivery by Taika Waititi. LOL’
Luin Tathren

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