Sooz Kempner’s hilarious spoof Royal correspondent went full Daily Mail on Harry & Meghan

A six-part Netflix docuseries made by and about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Harry & Meghan – has caused a right royal furore in both #TeamSussex and #TeamAnyoneButSussex.

The UK media, which came in for heavy criticism in the series, reacted by behaving exactly as they were accused of behaving.

MP Bob Seely – you can probably guess which party he represents – is trying to bring forward legislation to have the couple stripped of their royal titles.

Singer, actor and comedian, Sooz Kempner, was inspired by the commentary around the show to channel her inner Royal correspondent, Nicola Witchell. Sounds vaguely familar.

It’s a real treat.

“A former prince, raised in extreme privilege, who served several terms in Afghanistan as an army captain, 38 years old, is controlled by Meghan the Sussex, an actress who grew up in small town America.”

Here are a few things tweeters had to say about it.

We wholeheartedly agree with this assessment.

To prove it – some people actually thought she was a real Royal Correspondent.

We’ll just leave this here.

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