This funny fake secret menu drive-thru prank had a festive flavour

A very good sport named Lacy – @lacyunknown – has shared the clip her husband filmed after he convinced her that she could get a secret item at the drive-thru if she sang her order.

It had a very seasonal flavour.

@lacyunknown We did in fact get that drink for free! #starbucks #prank #funny #husbandwife #husband #wifey ♬ original sound – Lacy

“I’m so sorry. Um, my husband made me say that to you.”

We’re impressed at how well she took it. Some husbands would have been walking home after a prank like that. TikTok users loved it, and it’s had nearly 800,000 views in four days.

Here are a few comments it’s picked up so far.

When the cashier laughs “at that point, she knew she f’ed up” 😂

The worker having her say it again 😂
Jake Bowman

Now this, this is TikTok my friends. Joy, laughter, happiness and innocent embarrassment. 🏆👑

I’m crying! 🤣 What a good sport they both were. The second hand embarrassment I’m feeling while lol’ing.

Lol I hope you get him back at some point. You’re a good sport 👏
Alan Hogwood-Thompson

TikTok user DanGam908 had inside information to add to the humiliation.

Starbucks barista here. I find this especially funny because there are multiple people with head sets and all of them can hear you singing 😂.

It paid off quite well for Lacy.

She deserved it.


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