This woman’s outrageous list of puppy demands is absolutely barking

A Redditor named u/Toz__ got the readership of r/ChoosingBeggars absolutely bristling with anger when they shared a post by a woman who was looking for a French bulldog pup – and had a lot of demands.

It’s quite long – but well worth the effort.

Let’s take another look at some of those points.

We don’t use the word ‘yikes’ lightly – but yikes!

These comments express just how much head-shaking Reddit did over the would-be puppy owner.

Ya, they shouldn’t be allowed to own a dog.

Maybe if you’ve gone through 5 dogs and your “super intelligent 2 year old” hasn’t been a good fit with ALL of them, it’s the fact that she’s acting like a normal 2 year old who actually does NOTTTTT know fully how to be gentle with a dog. Just maybe.

At least they put their nonsense out there so breeders can blacklist them 🙂

Under ten weeks, but fully house trained with no chewing or snapping? Yeah that seems in the bounds of reality…

And the dog will need to tap dance for us on command.

Wait she doesn’t believe in dog vaccines?!?! My brain broke! Is she trying to have a dog with rabies around her two year old? What’s the logic here? Or is there just none.

This person doesn’t want a dog. I don’t know what they want, but it’s not a dog.

u/HMS_Slartibartfast had a suggested response to Amy.

Proper response is

“Thank you for reaching out. Per our policy, the father MUST be the one to initiate contact as outlined in prophesy. As you have reached out to us we must turn you down. We do not sell our dogs to witches or brides of Satan”.

It may be hard, but you CAN out crazy the crazy! 😈😈😈😈😈

But are her eyes light or dark?



This woman’s hilariously outrageous Tinder demands got exactly the responses they deserved

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