These German riot police being defeated by a ‘mud wizard’ is a fabulously funny watch

It took us a moment or two to work out exactly what was going on here, surely the strangest and downright funniest video you’ll watch today.

We’ll get to the context in a moment, but in the meantime take a watch of the clip shared by Redditor dannybluey who said: ‘German riot police defeated and humiliated by some kind of mud wizard’

And they’re not wrong, you know.

The ‘mud wizard’ was one of thousands of people protesting against plans to destroy a village to make way for the expansion of a coal mine in western Germany.

The site has become a focal point for many climate protestors including Greta Thunberg.

The clip of the riot police getting stuck in the mud – and the antics of the ‘mud wizard’ – has gone wildly viral and here are just a few of the things people were saying on Reddit.

‘Well that looks fucking hilarious.’

‘That last push 🤣.’

“You have no Power here.”

‘I love how he so confidently trots around the mud as if he wears magical boots that are resistant to the entrapment effect. This is really amazing to watch.’

‘That’s the secret: do not stand still in heavy mud, lest you sink in.’

“Some kind of mud wizard” is a phrase that I will giggle about for years.’

‘In all my years I’ve never seen a more passive form of protest than a mud moat.’

‘When the last cop was almost free and the wizard just pushed him over FTW’

‘As an American, it was very strange to see a dude push a cop and not get 63 rounds to the chest …’

And you can read lots more about the story on CNN over here.

Source Reddit u/dannybluey