The Daily Mail’s latest weird attack on the National Trust gave James O’Brien a Woke Watch for the history books

As part of his hugely popular LBC show, James O’Brien features an occasional spotlight on the Culture Wars, which he calls Woke Watch.

On Thursday, he covered the Daily Mail’s on-brand spin on the National Trust’s audacious decision to represent Henry VIII as the disabled man he undoubtedly was.

It’s a mindblowing and very funny listen.

‘Henry VIII had six wives, picked a fight with a pope and was so feted as a sportsman that foreign ambassadors remarked on his prowess.

But he has now been described as a disabled king by the National Trust, which has given him a “woke rebranding”.’

The National Trust’s Director of Communications, Celia Richardson, posted the Daily Mail article – well, some of it – and corrected the record.

And the National Trust itself summed up the situation.

This woke lot shared their thoughts

Ironically, it looks like the Mail might have to write a scathing piece about itself.

Just as soon as it develops self-awareness.


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Source LBC, Celia Richardson Image Celia Richardson, Pixabay