This ‘potato girl’ had the best response to a troll mocking her for bringing a baked spud to a game

This might be the most satisfying takedown of a troll you see this week.

It’s someone who took it upon themselves to take a picture of another fan who brought a baked potato with them to an American football game. Specifically, the Arrowhead stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Here’s what they had to say (it might take you a while to spot the spud, but it’s there).

And it was spotted by the ‘KC Potato Girl’ whose responses was simply delicious.

Boom! And it didn’t end there, it turned out (this is what her Twitter profile looks like now).

And here’s just a little bit of the love people had for her.

‘This is honestly brilliant. First it’s a handwarmer. Then, once you’ve had a few beers, it’s the sustenance to power you through the rest of the game.’

‘I’d totally eat a pocket baked potato.’

‘I don’t see a problem, stadium food is expensive.’

‘And a baked potato is a lot healthier than anything you can get at a stadium.’

‘And she kept her hands warm, as baked potatoes make for great hand warmers for your pockets.’

‘Dang, she just keeps winning.’

‘Back in the 50’s, my husbands mom would walk to school in Detroit with two baked potatoes in her pockets.’

And just in case, like us, you were struggling with the images a bit …

‘The angles are so confusing.’

‘Selfie photos are mirrored. it’s the same moment, just flip the [second] photo in your head.’

‘Thank you!’

Source Twitter @nicnacpattiwac6

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