A boss suggested staff donate their holidays to a colleague in need and got just the responses they deserved

In today’s episode of ‘bosses you’re really glad you don’t work for’ comes the tale of this employer who took urgent action to help one of their staff in need.

A long time employee – of 17 years standing, no less – had been in hospital and rehab for several months and had understandably run out of holiday (or PTO, paid time off, if you prefer).

But instead of doing something about it themselves – maybe just giving them extra holiday, for instance? – the boss did this instead, and that sound you can hear is jaws hitting the floor all over the place.

‘I am at a loss for words. This is pathetic,’ said the Redditor who shared this.

Extraordinary scenes. And just in case you were thinking that can’t possibly be true, the good people of Reddit went to the trouble of certifying it as true.

‘Or, you know, you as president and ceo can waive your magic wand for your 17 year employee.’

‘I honestly think it doesn’t even occur to them. It’s like PTO is something totally separate from the company. It’s rather ridiculous when you think about it.’


“Dear dunces, allow me to guilt trip you into doing something that would be cheaper for me in the end.”

‘I would like to do something nice for this person with your time and money.’

And it got people sharing stories of when something similar happened to them.

‘I had a boss once, big multi million dollar company. Maybe 100-150 employees. One of the programmers lost his child to sids. Horrible.

‘The bosses secretary was asking in a meeting what type of flowers the company should send. He basically said fuck that. Pay for everything. Funeral, everything. And when he feels ok to come back to work he can. No loss in pay. Was about two months I think he was out.’

‘My old company was like this. I managed the accounting department and as a manger they wanted to make me walk around and ask employees to donate time. I refused. I said people can give their time if they so choose but I’m not asking anyone to do this.

‘Oh and when the CEO found out that you don’t get paid when you are on leave for FMLA she made a rule that the c-suite would get full pay anytime they went on FMLA but this policy was only for them. I don’t work there anymore.’

‘My job did something similar, i got hired and was asked if i’d be willing to donate part of my check to some company fund to help “those who can’t work” like bruh i was only being paid 12$ an hour at part time hours. The fuck you think you’re asking me for?’

Source Reddit