Joe Lycett spoofed GB News with ‘Richard Yewtree’s Straight Talk’ and it’s 3 minutes very well spent

Joe Lycett is ‘actually very right wing’, as anyone who saw his hilarious response to the then prime minister Liz Truss back in the day (well, seven months ago), will remember.

And we mention it because Lycett’s new Friday night show has just started on Channel 4, and it included a spoof GB News style news segment fronted by Lycett – who else? – and guest presenter Alan Carr.

And it’s going viral on Twitter today because it’s such a fabulous watch, on so many levels.

Bye, career!




And if it got you in the mood for this sort of thing, here are 10 (Downing Street) times Joe Lycett hilariously aced it and won our vote time and again.

Source Twitter @joelycett