The Florida Orchestra gave the percussionist a pop gun solo and it’s a very funny watch

The Florida Orchestra is well known not just for its musical prowess but also for its sense of humour.

Here’s the brass section going off-script.

@thefloridaorchestra Our brass section is often up to no good. #classicalmusic #classical #brass ♬ original sound – The Florida Orchestra

And here’s a mid-concert tap dance break.

@thefloridaorchestra And our orchestra just keeps going 😂 #funny #classicalmusic #classical #orchestra #conductor #prank ♬ original sound – The Florida Orchestra

In fact, principal percussionist John Shaw crops up a lot in their funny and often viral videos. This is his latest comedy performance – Champagne Polka by Johann Strauss II.

@thefloridaorchestra The pop gun is in our top 3 instruments #percussion #orchestra #orchestramemes #viralvideo #prank #percussionist ♬ original sound – The Florida Orchestra

TikTok users enjoyed it a lot – and let the orchestra know about it.

I love an orchestra with a sense of humor.
KC Poly Hubby

When he pulled out his phone, I thought he was going to use an app to make the pop noise. 😂😂
Derek Knox

He is my hero 🫡

As far as orchestras go, that was very Florida 😂

So percussionists get older but they never grow up. 😂

It’s like a scene out of Mr Bean.

I love how easy it was made to look, haha 😂
Eliza Jane Alexandra

As a former band geek this is the heart of musical performances right here 😂

Now that’s how you do a solo!

Alix| The Bookish Alix had this observation.

I always felt sorry for percussion when I was in orchestra until I turned around and saw one eating.

The Florida Orchestra replied …

Showing this comment to the percussionists asap 😂

We look forward to seeing that turn up in a TikTok.


This unfortunate orchestral moment is the funniest ‘you had one job’ moment of the year

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