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The Water Cup Challenge is the wet version of Jenga you didn’t know you needed in your life

A Redditor named lewis_3575 had us on the edge of our seats as we became unreasonably invested in this water cup challenge.

Men are simple creatures !
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The title ‘Men are simple creatures!’ is one way of looking at it, but that’s definitely a game for anyone and everyone.

The clip of fitness YouTuber Browney and his crew was a hit, getting 40,000 upvotes in a day.

This is just Wet Jenga.

The surface tension is killing me.

This is the kind of thing I picture happening at Mormon missions.

No, but why was I hooked?
Plastic Willow

This is exactly how surface tension was discovered back in 200AD.

That glass should be on a scale to see who, exactly and by how much, got the most water in the glass.

NGL, this looks stupid fun.

He chugged that like most frat boys chug at a kegger. Spilling a third on the ground.

Pretty wholesome group of lads.

I can see the tension in this room just watching them!

I can easily imagine a bunch of women doing this.

icrackcorn was familiar with a less healthy version.

I used to play a game like this, but instead you pour beer into a narrow cup, float a shot glass on top, and take turns pouring liquor into the shot glass. You sink it you drink it. It’s a popular Korean drinking game that we call Titanic.

One of their other challenges looked a lot trickier.

We’ll probably stick with the water thing.


The epic burp of this Aussie hilariously defeated by the ‘Sprite challenge’ is one for the ages

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