Pics ice cream

Magnum’s got some new ice creams out and this most unfortunate still reminded people of something else

Still a bit early in the year for an ice cream we reckon but when that time does come, we do like a Magnum.

But we’re not sure we like this Magnum, two new flavours which they have just unveiled – Chill and Euphorica – and one particular person’s take went wildly viral because, well, look.

It should be pointed out that it’s not the finished product – see the chocolate pouring over the top there?

But still, people could see where @EmmaLouiseSmyth was coming from, they really could.

We’re sure they’re delicious (here’s a full ad, just in case you were wondering).

Last word to @EmmaLouiseSmyth.

Source @EmmaLouiseSmyth