This Kiwi accent prompted a most unfortunate misunderstanding and the laughter is contagious

An accent you’re not used to hearing can sometimes throw you a most unexpected curveball and they surely don’t come much more unexpected than this.

It’s a clip that’s just gone viral on Reddit and, well, best have listen for yourself.

@bizwithoutbs Did he say "spend less time with your kids" ?? 🤣#kiwiaccent #parentingtips #kiwiintheuk #jokes #britishaccent ♬ original sound – BWB

And just in case that’s tricky to watch …

Kiwi Accent
by u/mangjoze in Unexpected

Thank goodness they cleared that up.

‘What if the dickheads ARE your kids? Some kids are dickheads.’

‘In Auckland airport I was once hailed over an announcement “Could BitcoinBanker please go to The Mystic Chicken”. I had no idea what to do until I was informed it was actually “Domestic check in”.’

‘If there hadn’t been subtitles I might have had a shot at deciphering it myself.’

‘I love the 🇳🇿 accent.’

We’re with this person.

‘I thought “he may be on to something let’s hear what he’s gotta say” 😂.’
Gemma De la Rosa

Source TikTok @bizwithoutbs Reddit u/mangjoze