This ship’s captain’s takedown of a sexist bigot has just gone viral again and it’s today’s most satisfying thing

Captain Kate McCue isn’t just a ship’s captain, she is also a TikTok master with 3.5 million followers, no less.

And we mention her again because her fabulous takedown of a sexist bigot who questioned how women get to captain a ship has just gone viral again.

And if you watch a more satisfying comeback today, well, we want to see it.

@captainkatemccue Reply to @seamus272 #yourewelcome #fyp #foryou #captain ♬ original sound – captainkatemccue

Into the lifeboats! Bigots and manbabies first!

And you can find lots more Captain Kate on TikTok here and on the Captain Kate website here.

Source TikTok @captainkatemccue H/T Indy100