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Chris Packham blew minds with this Springwatch segment on a moth’s amazing camouflage

Unless you’re already a bit of an insect expert, this amazing clip from BBC’s Springwatch might blow your mind slightly. Presenter Chris Packham wowed co-presenter Hannah Stitfall with an introduction to the buff-tip moth.

@bbc This was absolutely incredible! Nature is just amazing! #Springwatch ♬ original sound – BBC

If only they gave awards for camouflage. It’s obviously called a buff-tip moth because stick insect was already taken.

Here’s how TikTok reacted –

How many times do we walk past things like this, never knowing what we just missed?
Cupcakes and sarcasm

She thinks that’s amazing. Just wait till Chris reveals that he too is a moth.

It’s amazing how the piece of tree has adapted itself to look like a moth.

So funny how people still don’t believe evolution is real when we have things like this.

Holy moly! The way things find ways to survive! ♥️

Okay, but is it cake?
Christoffer Jeppesen

What’s more impressive is that some birds are still able to find and eat them, despite the amazing camouflage.

“Oh wait, I’ve put a stick in a dish and snapped a moth” 😁

Chris Packham isn’t just an expert on the natural world, he’s also a really good sport.

@bbc What an amazing start to our second week of Springwatch 😍🐣🌱 Kicking off our Watch Out show at 1pm @hannahstitfall had Chris Packham on, and we have a brand new game…The Great Tit Tournament 🏟️🐦 Chris did very well…sort of. 😂 #Springwatch #iPlayer ♬ original sound – BBC

yungjoemighty nailed it.

Chris Packham is a national treasure and must be protected at all costs.


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