The only parody advert you need will have you sniggering into your yoghurt

Comedians Dave Durkom and Ski – Durk & Ski – have amassed more than 110,000 followers on TikTok with their sharply observant comedy, which often parodies TV shows and adverts, pulling at the thread of those tropes we don’t even know we’ve spotted until we see them being ridiculed.

These are perfect examples.


Did you guess the product? 🤔

♬ original sound – DURK and SKI


♬ original sound – DURK and SKI

They recently took on those badly dubbed yoghurt ads we all know and mock, and they absolutely nailed it.

See for yourself.


♬ original sound – DURK and SKI

10/10. No notes.

There was a resounding virtual cheer from TikTok users.

The random mouthed words cut down to “strawberry” really got me.

Genuinely the best advert I’ve ever seen. The ending! *chefs kiss*.
Tom Rogers

Actual comedy genius right there. 😂

Mint sauce??😂😂
Emma Lever

Wait. They use the original German ads on English TV? Somehow I kinda believed they had their own English actors. 😅
Wichtiger Dr. Dr. Pr.

I’m SCREAMING that’s hilarious. 😂

The badly dubbed ads were brilliant. 😂

It was the classic look in the fridge that did it for me. 🤣

I tried the serving suggestion and it was fantastic. Thanks guys. 👍

A family favourite.

If Nibbler the Hamster‘s comment is anything to go by, Durk and Ski could branch out into actual advertising.

Advertising works. Now I want Yoghurt.

If you’re not on TikTok, you can follow them on Instagram, and you can also see them out in the real world by booking tickets here.


You won’t guess where this advert is going – but it’s well worth the wait

Source Durk & Ski Image Screengrab