Rishi Sunak’s hissy fit at being asked about his private jet flight tells you all you need to know about the PM

It’s been a while now since we expected to gain any particular insight from politicians’ interviews, such is the anodyne state of much of the political debate today.

But every now and again the mask slips to reveal a telling glimpse into the absolute essence of the person behind the bluster, and today it happened with Rishi Sunak.

The PM was talking to Martin Geissler on BBC Radio Scotland who had the cheek – the absolute cheek- to ask about Sunak’s decision to take a private jet to Scotland to make an announcement on green energy.

And Sunak’s hissy fit is quite the listen.

And here are just a few of the many things people said about it.

To conclude …

And this.

Oh, and this!

Source Twitter @AdamBienkov