This video of how high we could jump elsewhere in the solar system is fascinating (and terrifying)

Full confession, we have never before wondered how high we could jump if we found ourselves on Phobos, the larger of Mars’ two moons.

But having watched this rather fabulous video which has just gone viral on Reddit, we can’t stop thinking about it.

It’s an estimation of how far we could jump on various other planets and moons in the solar system, courtesy of TRT World.

an estimation of how high you could soar on other planets and moons
by u/albela_bhai-op in BeAmazed


‘Note to self: don’t jump when on Phobos.’

‘Right? You aren’t coming back from that one.’

‘So a particularly violent sneeze might just launch me into orbit on Phobos, got it.’

Imaging someone pushing you as a prank on Phobos and u are just yeeted into the abyss.’

And just in case, like this person (and us), you were wondering …

‘I’m guessing you could land all these jumps without taking damage.’

‘It actually doesn’t make a difference if you jump on earth or any other planet in terms of impact, since your legs provide the force for the jump.’

‘Would the impact of the fall be the same in all of them?’

‘Yep. The landing impact would equal the force applied by your legs when you jump.’

Right. You try it first, though.

Lots more TRT World on YouTube here and on Twitter here!

Source YouTube TRT World Reddit u/albela_bhai-op