The woman didn’t believe her boyfriend had been pulled over by the police and the cop’s hilarious response was A++

Latest in an occasional series, leading contender for facepalm of the week is surely this video of a guy who was pulled over by police for running a red light.

Except when his girlfriend rang she didn’t believe him and suspected he was up to a different variety of no good.

And while it might not be the first time we’ve watched it, it still makes us smile. We’re just not sure who we feel most sorry for – the guy or the cop.

To convince the girlfriend.
by u/youfoundout in therewasanattempt

Worked out okay in the end. Until he gets home, maybe.

And here are our favourite things people said about it over on Reddit.

‘That was hilarious. Glad they let him off with a warning since he “had so much to deal with” already, hahaha.’

‘The cops knew letting him go home to his gf was punishment enough lmao.’

‘Would have been great if he asked to be taken to jail anyway to avoid the girlfriend for a few more hours.’

“Nah man, you gonna have to take me with you!”

Source Reddit u/youfoundout