This jaw-dropping deep dive into a pumpkin swirl frozen coffee didn’t quite get the responses it intended

Here’s a salutary lesson next time you go to the coffee shop and think about ordering, say, a pumpkin swirl frozen coffee.

Specifically, a pumpkin swirl frozen coffee in Dunkin’ Donuts.

Because TikToker @FlavCity – who describes himself as ‘The Grocery Store Guy. Helping you put the best stuff in your body’ – took a deep dive into what exactly makes up one of these drinks.

And it’s quite the watch.

@flavcity ❌Dunkin’ Pumpkin❌ #dunkin #dunkindonuts #americarunsondunkin #eatthisnotthat #addedsugar #pumpkinspiceseason ♬ original sound – FlavCity

And yet it’s fair to say it probably didn’t get the response he was presumably hoping for.

Here are a few of the many things people were saying about it over on TikTok.

‘This made me realize donuts are so healthy.’

‘Girl math means if I don’t drink this I can eat 14 donuts ‘

‘Doing it inside the Dunkin is legendary.’

‘Challenge accepted 14 donuts + pumpkin swirl coffee.’

‘Honestly I’d rather eat all 14 donuts.’

‘Wow! that’s a lot of sugar!so, are u gonna drink that? can I have it?.’

‘just get a small lmao.’

‘ so…. Eat 14 donuts got it.’

Just don’t have too many of the holes.

Lots more @flavcity on TikTok here!

Source TikTok @flavcity H/T Twitter @davidbelle_