This restaurant’s house rules are properly jaw-dropping and got people asking: ‘Who’s eating here?’

We don’t go out for dinner very often, and it’s even rarer these days that we would go to a restaurant posh enough to have a dress code, that sort of thing.

But this eaterie’s ‘house rules’ are like nothing we’ve ever seen before. They’ve just gone viral on Reddit after they were shared by Frosty-Dictator who quite reasonably asked: ‘Who’s eating here?’

Because, well, look.

That’s quite the list.

And here are our favourite things people said about it.

“Sleeveless tank tops”

‘Is there such a thing as sleeved tank tops?’

‘Be specific on temperature?

‘I want my steak done to 328.156 Kelvin, and I’ll be using a laser thermometer to check so I won’t have to touch it.’

‘So….I can be naked still right?’

‘Looked the place up. This is a lot of rules for a basic looking burger place that looks like any old bar.’

‘Sorry but the bag thing is getting me. Does it mean men can’t have a bag with them or people can’t have a bag designed for men?

‘Can I show up with a purse and it’s okay? Frowned upon? Weird thing to be policing for what looks like a sports bar.’

‘Sign #1 of three. The others were: “Help Wanted- ALL Positions”, and “Space For Rent – Available Next Month”.

‘Happy to abide by all the rules except actually being there at all.’

Source Reddit u/Frosty-Dictator