People had no truck with this woolly mammoth ‘theory’ which got just the responses it deserved

Latest in an occasional series, conspiracy theory of the week surely goes to this person who saw a hole in the woolly mammoth/caveman timeline and decided to jump right through it.

It went viral in the corner of Reddit called ‘facepalm’ after it was shared by SuspiciusLaugh who said: ‘I … what?’

And it’s fair to say people didn’t have much truck with it …

‘If a Uhual truck was made of flesh, felt pain, and only had a few hours of fuel, I could absolutely imagine me and 10 buddies hunting it with spears.

‘It’d also probably give me nightmares, but that’s besides the point.’

‘I’d fuck up a uhaul with just a rock.’

‘First, it’s prehistory, not history, since there are no written records dating from the period before mammoths went extinct.

‘Second, there is ample archeological evidence from multiple sites showing conclusively that humans did indeed hunt these creatures with spears. And this evidence is somehow bullshit because Brainiac here can’t imagine hunting a U-Haul truck with a spear?

‘And even if this narrative did turn out to be false, if we developed a different explanation that better fit the available evidence, how does one logically move from saying “OK, we were wrong about that” to the conclusion that most of ancient history is simply made up?’

‘A professor taught my class that they would go underneath them. Dangerous but big rewards.’

‘So i guess whaling isn’t a real thing either… to be idiot in 2023!’

‘Because flesh-and-blood creatures are invulnerable if they’re big.’

‘Hunger is a great motivator for finding a way to feed your family. Give enough people enough spears and you can bring down a mammoth.’

‘If only he had read the text instead of just looking at the pictures he would have known what tactics allowed them to kill mammoths!’

Source Reddit u/SuspiciusLaugh Image Unsplash Maud Beauregard