The first rule of Stand Up and Fight Club is ‘Don’t let Penny Mordaunt write her own speeches’ – 21 funny reactions

The Conservative Party Conference is over, having gone out with the bang of Rishi Sunak cancelling the northern leg of HS2 – rather than the whimper of Thérèse Coffey saying fake meat ‘is for astronauts’.

One of the final speeches of the last day was given by Penny Mordaunt. Though it was overshadowed by the appearance of the PM – and his wife – it contained an unmissable segment.

Stand up and fight for the freedoms we have won against socialism whether it is made of velvet or iron.

Have courage and conviction, because when you do, you move our countrymen, our communities and capital of all kinds to our cause.

Stand up and fight, because when you stand up and fight, the person beside you stands up and fights. And when our party stands up and fights, the nation stands up and fights.

And when our nation stands up and fights, other nations stand up and fight, and they stand up and fight for the things upon which the entire progress of humanity depends – freedom.

That is what Conservatives do. That is what this nation does. Have courage. Bring hope. Stand up and fight. Stand up and fight.

The first rule of Stand Up and Fight Club is say almost nothing other than “Stand up and fight”. It’ll never win a round on Just a Minute, but it’ll get a smattering of confused applause at conference.

As ever, tweeters had the funniest things to say about it.