This cat using a water cooler is today’s loveliest (and downright impressive) 17 seconds

Now here’s a very cool cat. Specifically, a very (water)cool(er) cat. And it’s today’s loveliest (and downright impressive) 17 seconds.

‘What a gentleman,’ said oldsouliving who shared it over on Reddit.

What a gentleman
byu/oldsouliving inaww

And we weren’t the only ones in just a little bit of awe of what we just saw. Here are just a few of the things people said over on Reddit.

‘That cat is definitely gunna flood the area when his human is 10 mins late for food.’

‘He stopped at the right time?! ‘

‘I thought it was just a coincidence, but if you look at his eyes after he pushes the lever he switches his focus to the water in the glass filling and stops when it’s full which tells me he meant to do that.

‘I mean maybe it still could be a coincidence but it looks like he knew to me.’

‘Cats are smart as hell.

‘My cat taught herself to pee in the toilet cause she saw me do it. As soon as I walked in on her, she stopped doing it. Cats are also a little vindictive.’

‘Haha, I was gonna say, that’s really cute until they do that on their own and flood the room.

‘I taught my cat how to open doors, by jumping on the handle, because I wanted him to get in and out of the house through the small bathroom window by himself.

‘That backfired spectacularly, when I would lock the bathroom door at night, and he’d relentlessly jump on the handle.

‘And that’s the story about how all our door handles ended up being installed vertically. ‍♀️’

‘A true hydrohomie.’

‘That cat had one job and they f-cking nailed it.’

‘The sheer fucking focus and precision. My GOD! That cat’s a 10/10.’

Clever cat.

Source Reddit u/oldsouliving