We didn’t have Boston Dynamics’ Spot the bot dog having ChatGPT ‘personalities’ on our bingo card

We’re not sure whether the Boston Dynamics dog, Spot, is better or worse with voices, personalities, and various disguises, but it’s definitely entertaining.

Those personalities and disguises include:

Fancy butler

Precious metal cowgirl

Excited Tour Guide

Shakespearian time traveller

This clip includes demonstrations of the different personalities, and inside information directly from Principal Software Engineer Matt Klingensmith. It’s over eight minutes, but well worth a watch.

Did anybody have a haiku-writing robot dog with a moustache on their 2023 bingo card? Apart from you, Charlie Brooker. You can put your hand down.

Chatty spot got a general thumbs up from YouTube users.

Adding sound made it 10x more futuristic.

The first British voice was so convincing. The robotness is at a point where you realize it’s a robot, but you’re not annoyed by the voice. It really feels like the robot is willingly talking to you.

A british dogbot? I want one!
But honestly, Spot as a tour guide us one of the best PR moves I have ever seen.


In 5 years I want a pet robot dog who talks like the nature documentarian. Make it so, Boston Dynamics!

Absolutely amazing, and scary, at the same time.

What we want to know is whether Spot will be able to sing as well as dance.


“Bloody Boston Dynamics robots – coming over here, stealing our jobs”

Source Boston Dynamics Image Screengrab