The ‘best timed shot in TV history’ has just gone viral – again! – and honestly we can’t get enough of it

Readers of a certain age will remember the great James Burke and his fabulous science series Connections which introduced us to all sorts of things we would never have encountered (or understood).

But Burke – a bit like Brian Cox, but without the travel expenses – had the rare ability to make hugely complicated ideas not just intelligible but entertaining.

Why have we come over all misty eyed? Because this clip of the great man – the ‘best timed shot in TV history’ – has just gone wildly viral and not for the first time.

And if you haven’t seen it before – unlikely we know – you’re in for a treat. And if you have then like us you’ll surely want to watch it again.

This might be the best timed shot in television history
byu/29PiecesOfSilver inBeAmazed

And here are just a few of the things people said about it (this time round …)

‘James Burke had the forehead, the long straggly hair, the authority. All he needed was a white coat.’

‘Imagine how many space shuttles they wasted to get that perfect shot ‘

‘That was such a good series.’

‘This might be the most reposted scene in Reddit history.’

Although there was this caveat.

‘You know that’s two separate shots right?

‘So the best timed shot of all time is him saying when you mix two gases, you get that, pointing into the distance? There’s also a giant countdown clock.’

Yeah, but still …

‘For anyone who hasn’t seen this show, it’s called Connections and is excellent.

‘They wander through history and how seemingly unconnected events are intertwined. Things like how the discovery of laughing gas for use in surgeries brought around the creation of punch cards and rise of technology companies like IBM.

‘The series is available on YouTube. Thanks to u/JamesWjRose for the link.’

And because it got us thinking about brilliantly timed TV shots, it also reminded us of this. Curiously enough it’s another Buerk – different spelling though – this time, Michael Buerk.

But which is better? There’s only one way to find out …

Source Reddit u/29PiecesOfSilver