Alison Hammond had the very best response to Cliff Richard’s jaw-dropping tale of why he wouldn’t have a picture with Elvis

This Morning made headlines this week, and just for a change it wasn’t about either of its presenters leaving.

It was the unlikely arrival of Sarah Ferguson – you remember, Duchess of York and all that – who turned up on the show as a celebrity co-host. And one of the guests was Cliff Richard.

We mention all this because the singer, recently turned 83 and with a new album out, shared a story of the time he met Elvis Presley and the opportunity he had of having his photo taken with the great man.

This is around 1976, when Sir Clifford of Richard had a new single out, Devil Woman, and, well, best let the singer himself pick up the story.

And no, we didn’t see that coming either. The look on Alison Hammond’s face and her brilliant response – ‘Is that why you don’t want me at your house?’ – surely spoke for everyone.

Only one question remained.

Source @iamjonnyharvey @lainedaisey