This takedown of a ‘wet wipe’ sticking their nose way too far into someone else’s business is a proper hall of famer

You might be familiar with the takedown hall of fame – let’s face it, we go on about it enough.

But forgive us if we return to it once more after this classic comeback just went viral again on Reddit.

It’s a person taking too much interest – far too much interest – in somebody else’s business, specifically what they get up to on Twitter.

So they thought they’d inform their boss and it’s fair to say it didn’t end well.

Mega ooof.

And here are just a few of the comments it prompted.

‘How dare you joke about the design industry.’

‘Ikr who gets offended on behalf of a whole industry like that lol. This person lives an absolutely joyless life, “no jokes! ” lmao.’

‘It’s like you alley-ooped it to yourself! Good one!’

‘You’ve activated my trap card!’

‘I did this IRL.

‘This woman I was arguing with asked if she could speak to the manager, and I told her “Yeah sure” and just stood there with a smile on my face.

‘Ten or so seconds later, she told me “well? Are you going to get him?” and I just replied “I am the manager.”

‘Bonus points for calling him a wet wipe!’

‘A classic Brit insult.’

Source Reddit bayern80