The reviews for Marjorie Taylor Greene’s book are every bit as scathing as you’d expect – 15 funny favourites

The name Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t automatically bring thoughts of literature to mind.

The pro-Trump Congresswomen from Georgia is more closely associated with climate change denial, Covid conspiracy theories and her support for the thoroughly debunked claim that election interference stole the 2020 election from Donald Trump.

However, she has written her autobiography.

It’s not exactly setting the world alight.

Unfortunately for MTG, people are allowed to leave reviews.

To make it easier to read, here are those reviews again.

There was absolutely no sympathy for her.

We decided to see if more people had left reviews. They had!

1. ‘Dangerous’

This book gave me a stomach ulcer.

2. ‘Surprised’

When I heard MTG had written a book my initial thought was it must be a coloring book. But nope. Sure enough, it’s actually a book with words in it. Shazam.
John Allen

3. ‘It’s quite a ride’

This is a spiritual tale about one woman fighting, against all odds, the will of millions of people.
She later realised that the man she treats as her idol will never have intimate relations with her.
Later on, the book deals with such critical issues as pride (none), integrity (lacking) and honesty (non-existent).
All in all, quite a depressing tale of a desperate woman’s desire for relevance and approval.

miss c m ellis

4. One star

I should have saved the 15 bucks for a pizza.
Very disappointing.

Wayne Johnson

5. ‘Cheaper toilet paper is available’

I purchased the book to wipe with, but having used it a few times now feel that I’m better off with TP in the future.
Amazon customer

6. ‘Read it but got in trouble afterwards’

I got this book as a birthday present. After reading it my car got stolen and we kids got expelled from the school. Just now had a huge fight with my partner. Probably gods way of reminding me for straying from the path of righteousness. Couldn’t get a refund either.

7. ‘This isn’t Magic The Gathering’

Bought this thinking it was Magic The Gathering, turns out it’s just some unconventionally muscled American Lady talking about how the Jews have space lasers and how every time she sneezes a squirrel dies (might have made the last bit up)
Willie McBlain

8. One star

More accurate and compelling read when I read the back of a cornflake box. Drivel.
David Gibson


Wow. Thought she was the congresswoman from the theater. Expected a centerfold. But she’s the other one. Will probably return
Amazon customer