This woman’s furious that Quality Street changed their wrappers and it’s an absolutely incredible watch

Not everything about our Christmas entirely lived up to our absurdly inflated expectations, we’ll admit.

But we’ve never experienced such crushing disappointment – at Christmas or indeed at any time of the year – as this woman after opening her tin of Quality Street.

So furious was she that her favourite chocolate treat had deigned to change the wrappers that she took to TikTok to record a monologue all about it.

And it’s an absolutely incredible watch which has gone viral for reasons which are about to become patently obvious.

Extraordinary scenes!

Just in case you were wondering, Quality Street introduced new recyclable paper wrappers to replace the plastic and foil that she loves (the planet, not so much).

And here are just a few of the many, many things people said about it after @Tweet_Dec sent it into orbit on Twitter.