Katie Hopkins went viral and it reminded people of the time she was publicly humiliated by students

We don’t think anyone would want us to dignify Katie Hopkins‘ latest offensive nonsense by sharing it, so we won’t. We will, however, share this clip of her lecture at Brunel University that didn’t go how she’d have liked.

When she trended on Twitter/X, it only served to remind people of her humiliation. Here’s what they had to say about it.

It’s far from the only time the Apprentice star turned rent-a-controversy mouthpiece has been embarrassed or embarrassed herself in the public eye, including these.

She was tricked into accepting a fake award with a NSFW acronym.

She told This Morning that she didn’t like geographical names, when her own daughter is called India.

Finally, this was the time Chris Ramsey put her in her place over her crass weight-loss stunt.

No doubt there’ll be another Hopkins embarrassment coming along soon. Watch this space.


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