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Liz Truss launches the ‘Popular Conservatism’ group in a push for more oxymorons in public life

Considering they have ‘Unionist’ in their official title of the Conservative and Unionist Party, there’s nothing very united about the Tories.

It’s no secret that the Brexit referendum was intended to bring the far-right of the party to heel once the issue of the E.U. had been put to bed. That worked out as well as throwing jam onto a picnic to keep the wasps away.

There isn’t even a pretence of unity in the ranks, with several named factions pushing their own agendas and creating headaches for the PM. These have become known as The Five Families, because there’s nothing the Tory Right enjoys more than a bit of metaphorical cosplay …or literal cosplay, in the case of Liz ‘Mr Benn’ Truss.

From the start of February, however, the European Research Group (ERG), Common Sense Group, Conservative Growth Group, Northern Research Group and New Conservatives will have to think of a new name, because Liz Truss is starting a new group, Popular Conservatism – PopCon.

It’s a mystery to most people that the 44-day PM has enough credibility to form a sentence, never mind a parliamentary group. Here’s how her new venture has been received.