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Forget Candle in the Wind – Elton John really demonstrated his genius by turning Richard E. Grant’s oven instructions into a song

In 1997, the hugely popular series ‘An Audience With …’ featured the musical megastar Elton John.

One of the celebrities hand-picked to be an audience member was the wonderful Richard E. Grant, who had a challenge for Elton. He wanted to know whether he could swiftly write a song based on the instructions for Richard’s oven. As you do.

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That had every sign of being a real banger once he got into his stride. Bennie and the Gas Jets, Don’t Let the Flame Go Down on me, Socket Man – there could have been a whole album.

TikTok was impressed.

Imagining the person who wrote that instruction manual finding out their words have been turned into a song by Elton John. It’s a wild world.
taryndevere/joy bringer

Words: *exist*
Elton’s mind: Ok, so here’s how we’re gonna do this.


I laughed, I cried, I stood and cheered.

Well, I guess we all know that Elton John can definitely do appliance commercials.

Elton has always been such a good sport. It’s one of the reasons he’s so universally loved.

The minor key for the oven baddie sent me.
Camille Charrière

Shows the genius of the man that he can make an actually catchy song for this.
Mark Long

Are they wearing the same exact outfits they did in Spice World?! Hahahah

Company calling Elton up asking how much to license the song for commercial.
Robby Thompson

“oh you like Elton John? what’s your favourite song then?”


Yeah, they don’t just give those Grammys to anyone.

There’s a reason he’s SIR Elton John.

Dee Ess had one wish.

I just want someone to love me
like Elton loves that oven.

You can watch the full show on YouTube, if that has whetted your appetite.


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