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This man’s hilarious confession to a childhood prank may be the best wedding present a groom ever received

Over on r/funny, u/tollis1 shared a clip of what might be the funniest Best Man moment ever, from @talijoyphotography. It also got the best reaction we’ve seen to a speech.

Let’s go.

Sibling confession
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Ignoring the dodgy captioning, that was just superb. Here’s how Reddit reacted.

That face when a 20 year old mystery gets solved.

Poor dude just got married and his brother’s gift is no longer living in his head rent-free, lol.

You can tell from his groomsmen’s reactions too that this is a mystery that has haunted him for his entire life lol.

Alright, let’s hear what this droog is going to say, bet it’s not funny face.

“So I once took Mark’s paintballs…”

*core memory unlocks “did he just say paintballs?!

w-w-wtf! face in 0.002 seconds


Looked right at his parents like, “punish him”.

What a Great Wedding present. The vindication he feels must be amazing . It almost over shadows his wedding.

In bed at the end of the night

“Wasn’t our wedding day amazing honey?”

“I can’t believe this motherfucker lied for 20 years….”

All’s fair when you wanna watch tv.

I’m waiting for on of my siblings to confess to getting ketchup on the ceiling. Family mystery for forty years.

This is some “Malcolm In The Middle” level siblingness right here.

Younger siblings are just the fucking WORST.

Now that’s an entertaining Best Man speech!

One time I dented my sister’s bumper in the driveway. I told my mom and she said it wasn’t worth the fuss. Next day sister came home from work and you’ll never believe “some idiot coworker must have dented her bumper”

15 years later I ain’t ever said shit.

Man y’all were lucky you had siblings, I was an only child so I’d try to blame the dog for the various things I broke or the stupid shit I did like the wet toilet paper I balled up and threw at the bathroom ceiling.

ammobox made a similar confession, but the reaction was a bit different.

When I was 16, I was practicing a golf swing in my mom’s back yard when she wasn’t home and got a ball that sliced hard and went through her window. I got in my car and left her house never to speak of it again. She lived near a park and thought it came from there. When I came home later that night I helped clean up and called a repair man.

I’m 40 years old now and I just went on a trip with her to Hawaii. For closure and because of where we were, I told her.

She was not as amused as I thought she would be 24 years later.

Time might not heal all wounds.


The best man’s mic was left on during the first dance and it’s bad for him and hilarious for everyone else

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